Things I Miss (Single)

by Evan Kelley

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released December 24, 2013

Recorded by Nathan Raymond.
Mixed by Evan Kelley.



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Evan Kelley Massachusetts

Acoustic music from Massachusetts.

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Track Name: Things I Miss
Take a look back at what we used to be
and try to tell me that we were unhappy.
I know that things weren't always perfect,
but we made the most of it, made the most of it.

We made our baselines out of side walk chalk
and made our foul poles out of broken sticks from trees.
I don't really mind having uneven baselines
as long as you promise me everything will be alright.

It was a really amazing experience watching
five other human beings growing into themselves.

I swear to god it'd be okay.
If you left for just one day.
I'll always be here.
Any time of the year.

I'm not ready to give up my dreams yet.
It's going to take a little more heartbreak then that.
It's going to take a little more devastation then that.
Cause I'll always be here when you come back.
Track Name: Drive In
Laying in the backseat
with the seats down
and the trunk tied open with some rope.
We were watching the children running around
until they decided to start the show.
About fifty minutes and twelve dollars
for a night of nostalgic pleasure.

And I know that this was the best time we ever had.
I would go now but our schedules are packed.
If you take me I would probably be,
the happiest man that you've ever seen,
that you've ever seen.

Playing on the playground in between movies
that we were there to see.
And I think that this might be one of my all time
favorite memories let's just wait and see.
I had a friend, who was told by another friend,
to pass along a message to me...

Go behind the projection screen.
wait back there and you will soon see.
The childhood crush that you had since third grade
will be waiting there.
She'll take your hand and you'll run out of there.